Extracurricular Classes at A Great Start Preschool Classes are offered October through May!!!

A Great Start Preschool offers a variety of extracurricular classes each day of the week, during the break between our morning and afternoon sessions (11:20-12:00).  Parents do not have to stay. Morning students will be walked from their preschool class to their extra class, and then be picked up by their parent at 12:00 pm. (We will let you know where- for some classes it depends on the size of the class). Afternoon parents should drop their student off directly to the extra class, and after the extra class they will be walked to their afternoon preschool classroom by their instructor or one of our staff members.  You may also enroll in a class on a day that your child does not normally attend.  Children may join at any time throughout the school year, as space allows.


2017-2018 School Year Winter Schedule of Extra-Curricular Classes below! 

Information about each of these classes will be sent home with all students in September. 



  • Webby Gymnastics - Children learn the basics of tumbling, stretching, balancing and gross motor skills. Fun music and new obstacle courses each week! Contact our office to setup a free trial class! http://www.webbydancedayton.com
  • Tennis Kids 
  • Drums Alive Kids Beats with Dorie Phillips A fun, motivating rhythmical drum and movement program that is designed for the whole-body and brain development.


  • Soccer Shots http://www.soccershots.org/miamivalley/


  • Creative Development with Ms. Regina Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gyms - Physical and Mental Fitness, Motor Skills, and Movement to Music. Try a free trial class!
  • Spanish
  • Zumba for Kids 


  • Creative Development with Ms. Regina Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gyms - Physical and Mental Fitness, Motor Skills, and Movement to Music. Try a free trial class!
  • Webby Dance - Classes begin with warm up and stretching exercises. Children are then taught creative movement and dance techniques across the floor. They are also introduced to beginning tap skills. Students will dance to their favorite songs while using fun props (maracas, tambourines, pompoms, leis, streamers, fans).  With over 300 dances in our curriculum, students are regularly introduced to new routines. Contact our office to setup a free trial class!   http://www.webbydancedayton.com
  • Godly Play (Offered by Southminster Church Christian Education Program)
  • Music Jamboree Enrichment Program with Dorie Phillips - Great for birthday parties & special events too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-Jamboree-with-Dorie-Phillips-Enrichment-Programs-for-Preschoolers/205336262856326 
    or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7vo2cDnsZk 


  • Soccer Shots http://www.soccershots.org/miamivalley/
  • Preschool Martial Arts http://www.ulmahq.com/

*Other Classes you may see throughout the school year include: Bounce-a-Roo - Giant Inflatables: Obstacle Course, Bounce House, and other fun. (Great for birthday parties & special events too!) http://www.bouncearoodayton.com/


Please remember- all classes require a two weeks notice to the instructor if you decide to dis-enroll. Some classes will run from October-May, and the instructor assumes you will continue that entire time unless you withdraw with two weeks notice. Other classes will operate on a session basis (perhaps one month or several weeks- refer to forms for more details) and require re-enrollment for the next class.

If you are interested in joining an Extracurricular Class at anytime during this school year, please stop by the office to check availability.

If you have any questions, please let me know!