A Great Start Preschool has a Volunteer Program!  Please let your child’s teacher know what day you are available to volunteer so that we can ensure that there is only one volunteer in a classroom each day.  We encourage families to help with snack, free choice, or group project time (although you are welcome into the classroom at any time!)  The Volunteer Program is a great opportunity for parents, older siblings, grandparents, family friends, or other relatives to see their preschoolers at work, and take part in their child’s Preschool world.  Check the monthly activity calendar for dates a volunteer may be needed.  Volunteers will be required to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. All volunteers will be at least 16 years old.
  2. Young siblings or friends will not be allowed to participate in, or accompany their parents to, the Family Volunteer Program.  (There are many opportunities to bring younger friends and siblings to our school, such as Guest Speakers, Programs and Recitals, or Family Outing Events).  
  3. While volunteering, persons may be viewed by outsiders as staff of the Preschool and will be required to follow the same rules and guidelines as the teachers, as appropriate.
  4. Volunteers will be required to follow all rules and regulations outlined in the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service Child Care Licensing Rules and Regulations Handbook, as necessary.
  5. All persons participating in the Volunteer Program will use discipline policies as outlined in our Guidance and Management Policy.  Volunteers will not yell at, scold, punish, or use harsh discipline on any child while volunteering.  Volunteers will use open ended statements and will speak positively at all times.
  6. Volunteers must maintain confidentiality.  Volunteers must not discuss any situations specific to any child with other parents or teachers.
  7. Volunteers may be given information about children with special needs in the classroom.  Please keep in mind that this information is only given if it is necessary for the volunteer to know in order to carry out his/her duties; and any information given is told in confidence, and may not be discussed with any one else including other teachers, parents, etc.
  8. Volunteers will not be permitted to be alone with the children for any reason, and will not be permitted to escort children to any other area of the building, including the restroom, without teacher’s presence.
  9. Volunteers will encourage children to try tasks, and will help as needed.
  10. If a volunteer observes any behaviors they are unsure of or uncomfortable with, they will immediately notify the Teacher and/or Director.  Volunteers may be required to document the behavior.
  11. If any rules are violated, volunteers may be dismissed from the program.
  12. Other rules and guidelines as deemed necessary by the Director.
  13. The volunteer program will begin in October.  We use the month of September to reduce separation anxiety, establish and learn classroom rules and routines, and bond with the teachers.
  14. We plan to have a few Class Parties each school year.  The dates of classroom parties will be posted on our School Calendar, and a Volunteer Sign Up sheet will be posted by the teacher, and we invite a parent (or other adult) to represent each child for at least one classroom  party during the school year.  If you would like to volunteer for more than one classroom party, please speak with your child’s teacher to get on a “Substitute” list.  Although we limit volunteers for Class Parties, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer in your child’s classroom throughout the year, and your help is greatly appreciated.  Volunteering for class parties or any other events is not mandatory. 

Sometimes when you are volunteering, the teacher may be busy with the children.  Don’t worry, there is always work for you to do!  Some things you could help with are: refilling paint and glue bottles, sharpen pencils, sort toys, straighten shelves, wash paint brushes and containers, prepare materials, or display art projects.  If it is free choice time, we encourage you to circulate among the children.  Look for a child who needs support and encouragement.  Read a story to a child or group of children or get on the floor and play with them.  On occasion you may be asked to help outside of your child’s classroom, such as in another classroom or in the office.  If you would like to receive additional training or instruction about volunteering in the classroom, please see the Preschool Director.